grpc_config_file_read_np - Reads the configuration file.


grpc_error_t grpc_config_file_read_np(char *config_file_name)


char *config_file_name
The configuration file for the client


The grpc_config_file_read_np() function reads the configuration file and changes the configuration of the running environment of the Ninf-G Client dynamically.

This function can be used for dynamic addition of the information about new computing resources which were not known at the startup time.

Once this function is called, the new configuration is effective for newly created function/object handles, i.e. existing handles keep their old configuration.

This function does not updates <CLIENT> sections. In each section, if an attribute value is not specified, the default value is used.

As same as grpc_initialize() function, if NULL or an empty string is specified in config_file_name, the configuration file specified by the NG_CONFIG_FILE environment variable is used as the configuration file.

If the NG_CONFIG_FILE environment variable is also undefined or an empty string, then $HOME/.ngconf is used as the configuration file.

This function is MT-safe.

Note: No information will be discarded by this function. Only the addition and modification of the configuration are performed.


If successful, GRPC_NO_ERROR is returned. In the case of an error, an error code is returned.


GRPC client is not initialized yet.
The configuration file does not exist.
The configuration file could not be read.
The content of the configuration file is invalid.
Internal error detected.

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