The Administrator's Manual

This section describes the way to create and manage Ninf-G libraries.

Managing the Ninf-G remote libraries

Before starting, be sure that the environment variables GLOBUS_LOCATION (for GT2) or GLOBUS_INSTALL_PATH (for Globus Ver.1), and NS_DIR are defined appropriately. The Ninf-G system has no server component in charge of dispatching an appropriate numerical library to the client unlike the original Ninf system. As described in the previous section, the Globus JobManager on the host which the Ninf-G remote libraries are installed spawns off a numerical library. Consequently, it is not required to start or stop the Ninf-G server component explicity as long as Globus is available. Be sure that the Globus gatekeeper and GRIS/GIIS are appropriately running and available on the host.