2 Installation manual

Prerequisites for installing Ninf-G

2.1 Downloading the Ninf-G package

Download the Ninf-G package from the download Web page

( http://ninf.apgrid.org/packages/welcome.html).

2.2 Creating a "ninf" user

It is recommended that you create a "ninf" user on the installation system.

It is also possible, however, to install Ninf-G in a location where the user has read and write privileges under general user privileges (that user's home directory, for example).

2.3 Installation

  • Ninf-G must be installed on the nodes on which Ninf-G Clients and Executable will be compiled. The Ninf-G may be installed in a shared directory.

  • If the Globus Toolkit is used, Globus Toolkit library must be installed on all nodes on which Ninf-G Clients and Executables may run. The Globus Toolkit may be installed in a shared directory.

2.4 Configure command options

The entire options can be displayed with the following command.

% ./configure --help

The options that can be used with the configure script are described below.

appendix A : Installing GT4

Ninf-G can compile with Globus Toolkit installation. This appendix shows how to accomplish GT4 installation. When you install GT4, refer to Globus Website for exact information.

This section gives hints for installing GT4.

a.1 Installing the Globus Toolkit

Make the temporary directory.

% mkdir dirForInstaller 

Install GT4 (we recommend Version 4.0.5 or later and "source" installer).

% cd dirForInstaller
% tar xfvz [TARBALL LOCATION]/gt4.0.6-all-source-installer.tar.gz
% cd gt4.0.6-all-source-installer
% ./configure --prefix=/path/to/gt4-install
% make
% make install

See also information about setting the Globus Toolkit at following URL.


Ninf-G requires some components of the Globus Toolkit. Following URLs provide information about setting of components.

a.2 About Usage Statistics Collection by Globus Toolkit

Globus Toolkit provides Usage statistics. (See http://www.globus.org/toolkit/docs/4.0/Usage_Stats.html) If you desire to prevent this, match the following configuration changes.

Set the environment variable "GLOBUS_USAGE_OPTOUT" to "1."

Comment out the "usageStatisticsTargets" parameter in the configuration file $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus_wsrf_core/server-config.wsdd

This setting,
        <parameter name="usageStatisticsTargets"
Delete or comment out as follows.
        <!--parameter name="usageStatisticsTargets"
Also check the following URLs.

a.3 Setting up the environment

Setup the environment variable and execute the script for setting up the environment.

a.4 Starting the Container

% ./bin/globus-start-container

Starting the SOAP server at: https://[IP-ADDR]:8443/wsrf/services/ with the following services:

[1]: https://[IP-ADDR]:8443/wsrf/services/TriggerFactoryService
[2]: https://[IP-ADDR]:8443/wsrf/services/DelegationTestService
[48]: https://[IP-ADDR]:8443/wsrf/services/CASService
[49]: https://[IP-ADDR]:8443/wsrf/services/ManagedJobFactoryService

a.5 Testing the WS GRAM

Test the WS GRAM using following procedures.

% ./bin/grid-proxy-init
  (input your passphrase)
% globusrun-ws -submit -job-description-file \
Submitting job...Done.
Termination time: MM/DD/CCYY HH:MM GMT
Current job state: Unsubmitted
Current job state: Done
Destroying job...Done.

a.6 Installing GT4 by Binary installer

It is recommended to install Globus Toolkit from source installer. If Globus Toolkit is installed from binary installer, you need to install globus_core with the following command:

% $GLOBUS_LOCATION/sbin/gpt-build -nosrc <flavor>

Where flavor is the Globus Toolkit flavor you're passing to Ninf-G configure script.

(GT4 Admin Guide B.4. Using globus-makefile-header with a binary distribution)

appendix B : Installed file composition

The installed file composition is listed below.

| +gpt
| | +packages
| |   +ng5grpcinfo (optional)
| |     +undeploy.xml (optional)
| +ng5grpcinfo (optional)
|   +regist.xml (optional)
|   +server-config.wsdd (optional)
|   +jndi-config.xml (optional)
| +ng5grpcinfo.jar (optional)
| +ng5grpcinfo_stubs.jar (optional)
| +schema
|   +ng5grpcinfo (optional)
|     +GrpcInfo_flattened.wsdl (optional)
|     +GrpcInfo.wsdl (optional)
|     +GrpcInfo_service.wsdl (optional)
|     +GrpcInfo_bindings.wsdl (optional)
  +gridrpc (optional)

| +ng_version
| +ng_hostname
| +ng_cc
| +ng_gen
| +ng_gen_nrf
| +ng_invoke_server.GT4py (optional)
| +ng_invoke_server.GT2c (optional)
| +ng_invoke_server.SSH (optional)
| +ng_invoke_server.Condor (optional)
| +ng_invoke_server.NAREGISS (optional)
| +ng_invoke_server.GT4java (optional)
| +ng_client_communication_proxy.GT (optional)
| +ng_remote_communication_proxy.GT (optional)
| +ng_client_relay.GT (optional)
| +ng_remote_relay.GT (optional)
| +ng_information_service.NRF (optional)
| +ng_information_service.MDS4 (optional)
| +tutorial
| +users_manual
| +ng_invoke_server.GTtempl
| +ninfg-user-env.csh
| +ninfg-user-env.sh
| +grpc.h
| +grpc_error.h
| +grpcError.h
| +grpc_executable.h
| +grpcLocal.h
| +ng.h
| +net.h
| +ngClientInternal.h
| +ngCommon.h
| +ngConfigFile.h
| +ngConfig.h
| +ngEnvironment.h
| +ngExecutableInternal.h
| +ngEx.h
| +ngFunctionInformation.h
| +ngInternal.h
| +ngUtility.h
| +queue.h
  +ng_invoke_server.GT4.py (optional)
  +gt4invokeserverconfig.py (optional)
  +gt4invokeserver.py (optional)
  +ioutils.py (optional)
  +ngutils.py (optional)
  +uuid.py (optional)
  +classad.jar (optional)
  +condorAPI.jar (optional)
  +condorIS.jar (optional)
  +ng_invoke_server.jar (optional)
  +ngisgt4.jar (optional)
  +naregissIS.jar (optional)
  +naregiss_is_execute.sh (optional)
  +ng_information_service_mds4.jar (optional)

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