Ninf: A Global Computing Infrastructure
Ninf administration group
c/o Satoshi Sekiguchi

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,
Grid Technology Research Center,
1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki,
305-8568 JAPAN
Download Patch for Ninf-G Ver. 2.4.0
About this patch
This patch fixes the following bugs of Ninf-G 2.4.0.
  • Free memory will be accessed
  • Ninf-G client aborts in grpc_function_handle_destruct() if there is an outstanding grpc_call() to the same function handle.
  • A compile error occurs in AIX
  • Java Client leaks memory and sockets
In addition, this patch adds Java API manual.
Instructions for applying patch are as follows (instructions are included in the patch file itself).
    % cd ng-2.4.0
    % patch -p1 < ng-2.4.0-2.4.1.diff
    % make distclean
    % ./configure
    % make
    % make install
Please click here for downloading patch for Ninf-G 2.4.0.
Download Ninf-G Ver. 2.4.0
About Ninf-G 2.4.0
Ninf-G version 2 (Ninf-G2) is the supporting software for the development and execution of programs with the Grid Remote Procedure Call (GridRPC). Ninf-G2 is a full implementation of the GridRPC API, a proposed GGF standard. In addition to the GridRPC API, Ninf-G2 provides Ninf-G API for supporting 1) high performance on a large-scale computational Grid, 2) rich functionalities which are required to compensate for the heterogeneity and unreliability of a Grid environment, and 3) easy development and execution of Grid applications.

Details are described in Overview section in the Ninf-G version 2 users' manual. Installation instruction is described in the Installation section in the manual.
Ninf-G Version 2.4.0 is the latest version of Ninf-G2 and it is expected to be the final release of Ninf-G2. This release includes the following new features and bug fixes:
  • New features
    • Thread-ID is put into log, when loglevel is set to 5(Debug).
    • Ninf-G Executable retries to establish a connection to the Ninf-G client when the Ninf-G Executable could not connect to the Ninf-G client.
    • The timeout value of a sessions can be specified by a session attribute.
    • stdout and stderr of Ninf-G Executable can be put into files.
    • "broadcast" and "allocate" modifier are added to Ninf-G IDL for MPI.
      • "broadcast" : broadcast the variable to all nodes
      • "allocate" : allocate memory area for the variable on all nodes, but the value is not copied.
    • ng_gen accepts CPP options.
    • The compression for filename type variables is supported.
    • Ninf-G client can re-read the client configuration file on-the-fly. An API for re-read the client configuration file is added (grpc_config_file_read_np()).
    • Ninf-G client can exit without waiting JOB_DONE message from the Globus jobmanager.
    • Information of compression is added to grpc_session_info_t_np.
    • Arguments and results can be divided into blocks when they are transferred between Ninf-G client and Ninf-G Executable.
    • A tutorial document and sample programs are added into tutorial directory.
  • Changes
    • The default value of loglevel was changed from 0 (None) to 2 (Error).
    • More detailed messages are put into log of Ninf-G Executable
    • The performance of sending/receiving data has been improved
    • Filename type variables are transferred without using GASS.
    • Implementation of grpc_probe_or() was changed to be compliant with the GridRPC API specification.
    • Ninf-G system checks the result field in the protocol data.
    • Ninf-G Executable does not catch SIGFEP, SIGSEGV, SIGILL and SIGQUIT.
    • log_filePath can take the following keywords:
      • %t: the time of creation of the file (yyyymmdd-hhmmss-MMM)
      • %p: process-ID
      • %h: hostname
    • changed the name of API for getting information of the last session (grpc_get_last_error_np() -> grpc_last_error_get_np())
  • Fixed BUGs
    • job_startTimeout is ignored when transfer_argument is set to "nowait".
    • script removes ${NG_PATH}* from $PATH.
    • *_handle_is_ready() freezes when non-thread Ninf-G Client get information of Remote Class from Ninf-G Executable
    • Ninf-G Executable failes in making a log directory when multiple Ninf-G Executables are invoked at the same time.
    • Ninf-G Executable does not return an error immediately when it fails in making a directory for logfiles.
    • Ninf-G client aborted when negative variable is set as job_startTimeout
    • save_sessionInfo did't accept "-1" and "0".
    • Ninf-G callback which has only OUT mode arguments causes an error.
    • Ninf-G callback with no arguments causes an error.
    • pthread Ninf-G Client sometimes freezes when it waits the completion of a session.
    • Remote Function with no arguments cannot be called by "Calls".
    • ng_gen can not process a big IDL file whose size is more than 4K Bytes.
    • ng_gen overwrites the file which is specified as the 2nd argument.
    • ng_gen detects an error if the callback type variable with no arguments is specified as the last argument of a Remote Function.
    • Java client cannot invoke Ninf-G Executable without LocalLDIF files.
    • Java client cannot process Ninf-G Expression which has more than 30 terms.
    • Java client occasionally returns incorrect results.
    • Shrink does not work correctly.
    • Invalid parameter of shrink causes an abort.
    • The number of MPI processes cannot be specified by a handle attribute of an object handle.
    • handle_attr_get() causes Segmentation Fault for an initialized handle attribute.
See Ninf-G users' manual for more details.
Tutorial documents and FAQ are also available!
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