GridRPC is a class of Grid middleware for scientific computing. Interoperability has been an important issue, because current GridRPC systems each employ its own protocol. Web services, where XML-based standards such as SOAP and WSDL are expected to see widespread use, could be the medium of interoperability; however, it is not clear if 1) XML-based schemas have sufficient expressive power for GridRPC, and 2) whether performance could be made sufficient. Our experiments indicate that the use of such technologies are more promising than previously reported. Although a naive implementation of SOAP-based GridRPC has severe performance overhead, application of a series of optimizations improves performance. However, encoding of various features of GridRPC proved to be somewhat dif.cult due to WSDL limitations. The results show that GridRPC systems can be based on Web technologies, but there needs to be work to extend WSDL specifications, possibly impacting OGSA-based Grid services directions.