JiPANG(A Jini-based Portal Augmenting Grids) is a portal system and a toolkit which provides uniform access interface layer to a variety of Grid systems, and is built on top of Jini distributed object technology. JiPANG performs uniform higher-level management of the computing services and resources being managed by individual Grid systems such as Ninf, NetSolve, Globus, etc. In order to give the user a uniform interface to the Grids JiPANG provides a set of simple Java APIs called the JiPANG Toolkits, and furthermore, allows the user to interact with Grid systems, again in a uniform way, using the JiPANG Browser application. With JiPANG, users need not install any client packages beforehand to interact with Grid systems, nor be concerned about updating to the latest version. Such uniform, transparent services available in a ubiquitous manner we believe is essential for the success of Grid as a viable computing platform for the next generation.